What is this?

CAD 2 CNC converts DXF or SVG files into G-Code for milling machines. This is an online service that requires no software installation, no registration, and costs nothing!

We attempt to automate as much as possible for your convenience. Sometimes this works great and sometimes it causes problems.

The software is alpha, so please leave feedback if you have any issues or comments. Please also consider donating if you found the service helpful. Enjoy!

Let's Begin

Upload your DXF or SVG file and set parameters to convert.

  • Automatic endmill compensation
  • Durability in cases of impossible math
  • Supporting the maximum number of interpreters using polylines instead of arcs
  • Handling hundreds of thousands of vectors where other software fails
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Open Project

New Project Settings

Note that your unit of measurement should match your DXF/SVG file's unit of measurement. Your project name is used to name the files we generate for you.

Compensation Options

We try to understand objects when milling and decide inner and outer compensation for your endmill. We can also simply cut on the lines of your drawing. Automatic mode will compensate for inside objects and cut them first, it will then compensate outside the parent object and cut that last. Automatic mode fits most typical milling scenarios.


Your unit of measurement determines the units per minute speed.

Machining Depths

Position Options

Centering X / Y means you position your endmill in the center of your material instead of at a corner.

Repeat Options

Repeating is useful when you want to machine multiple identical copies, or if you need to incrementally cut the Z axis for depth purposes. By default the repeat for a single milling operation is 1, meaning a single operation without additional repeats.

Finishing Up

Select your source file below and generate your g-code!

Note: when using SVG files please remember to break apart groups of objects. The software will not understand multiple objects that act as one.